Roze Trap Bar

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The Roze Trap Bar features a durable hexagonal frame. The hexagonal frame allows for an equal distribution of weight around your body, rather than in front. This particular design allows athletes to lift more weight off the floor, while safely reducing the amount of stress and tension on the lumbar region. The Trap Bar is an advantageous piece of equipment to have in your gym as it improves the efficiency of a lift, especially during deadlifts. This piece of equipment is an excellent addition to any strength and conditioning set-up.


  • Raised handles with knurled grip
  • Solid steel construction
  • 500lb Weight Capacity
  • Length: 71”, Width: 25.5”, Height: 6”
  • Product Weight: 55 lbs (unloaded)
  • Handle Diameter - 25mm
  • Medium depth knurling


- Unique dual handle design for targeting and isolating desired muscle groups
- Fits standard 2-inch Olympic plates
- Knurled handles for improved grip
- Easy Flip design – simply turn the bar over to switch grips
- Crafted with all-steel construction

- Overall Length: 56-in.
- Sleeve Length: 9.75-in.
- Handle to Handle: 24.5-in.
- Weight Capacity: 500 lb.
- Product Weight: 55 lb.

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