The Stafford Squat Bar

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The Squat Bar is a unique bar. With its unusual shape, the Squat Bars weight distribution is awkward at first, but is designed to take your squats the the next level. Training with the Roze Squat bar is known to develop your anterior chain. Due to the way the squat bar is shaped the weight distribution falls between the front squat and the high-bar back squat to vary your power output training. The Squat bar is used as  a safer option to perform intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts.


  • Weight: 51.7LB
  • Chromed Finish
  • Length 7"ft 3"in
  • Handle Dia: 1.2"in
  • Sleeve Dia: 2"in
  • Machined Olympic sleeves
  • Fully welded design
  • Heavy duty vinyl and closed cell foam pads

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