E- Series Adjustable Bench

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E-Series Adjustable Bench

The E-Series Adjustable Bench is an aerodynamic bench designed to fit comfortably right down the center of your back. This bench is equipped with a ladder style adjustment allowing the bench to go from a flat position to upright in a matter of seconds. The bench is adjustable from 180º to 90º, allowing a variety of exercises such as (but not limited to) incline chest press, incline fly, and bent rows. The lever used to adjust the height of the back rest and seat is designed to ensure a locked position once the angle is changed, preventing an potential injuring from occurring.

The versatility of the E-Series bench makes it the perfect addition to any home gym. The wheels at the base allows you move the bench from one area to the next with ease and efficiency. 


Weight (lbs)  55 lbs
Length (in) 49" (Overall Pad Length)
Width (in) 10" (Pad)
Height (in) 17.5", 56.24" at 85 Degrees
Weight Capacity (lbs) 600 lbs
Color Black
Foot Print (in) 24.5" x 54.5"

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