Black Hex Dumbbell - Sets

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Size: 5-50 Dumbbell Set - Pairs
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Roze is now offering pairs of Rubber Hex Dumbbells while supplies last. Ranging from 5 LB up to 100 LBs. The durable rubber-encased heads help reduce noise and prevent floor damage, while the chrome-plated steel handle is knurled for a firm but non-abrasive grip.

Please Note: These unbranded dumbbells are not produced by a single dealer/manufacturer, resulting in a higher acquisition cost and a slightly higher price than our own standard DBs. There may also be subtle variations in the knurling and appearance of these models. All pairs from 5 LB to 15 LB are packaged as a boxed pair and should match; DBs of 20 LB or more are packaged individually, meaning that there could be minor differences between two heavier DBs even if they are ordered together. We can guarantee that all DBs will include a welded construction, knurled steel handles, weight indications on two sides of the head, and a strict weight tolerance within .01%


  • Sold in Pairs
  • Weight Increments: 5LB – 100LB


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